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A kitchen employee that displayed COVID-19 symptoms was determined to have been in close contact with other kitchen employees. Household credits will be issued when the park district operations resume and staff return to work. This cancellation notice applies to programs and other activities that you have pre-registered for that are scheduled at DuPage County Historical Museum, Central Athletic Complex, Community Center, Cosley Zoo, Lincoln Marsh, Mary Lubko Center, Rathje Park, and Toohey Park. Students staying over Christmas break will be responsible for their own meals. *This closure also includes swing sets and the outdoor fitness equipment at Northside Park. [UG & GR] Q: What if I am not comfortable wearing a face covering? The health and safety of our staff, program participants and visitors to our facilities is top of mind. COVID-19 Dashboard This dashboard will be updated by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesdays with the prior week’s metrics. Outdoor dining remains open for a maximum of 6 guests or less per table. Q: If I stay outside of the U.S. for the spring semester, will I need to participate in classes synchronously (CST timezone) or will there be an option to participate asynchronously (my timezone)? Thank you for your patience and understanding. Faculty and students wear masks while in the classroom and are spaced six feet apart. If you or a friend have experienced difficulty breathing, an inability to walk or talk, or have lost consciousness, please call 630.752.5911 for Public Safety to secure an ambulance for medical care. 3 “No-Shows” over a two-week period will result in the loss of reservation privileges for one week. [UG] Q: What if I am experiencing COVID-19 symptoms after hours or on the weekends when Student Health Services is closed? We understand the need to make principled adaptations during this time so that our core mission of teaching and learning continues in a safe and healthy way. Faculty and students wear masks while in the classroom and are spaced six feet apart. The College has  adapted experiential and active learning for the campus’ COVID-19 safety standards while remaining focused on academic excellence and meeting learning outcomes. Students arriving from international locations will not be required to complete 14 days of self-quarantine, arriving on campus. During the first week of the semester, the apparel and gift sections of the store will be closed to the public. [UG & GR] Q: What demographics are considered medically at-risk should they become infected with COVID-19? Closed Sunday and Monday. So far Wheaton has been blessed by God’s provision and protection, but we understand that circumstances could change, forcing us to adjust our plans. For more information, visit the Centers For Disease Control at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html or the Illinois Department of Public Health at www.dph.illinois.gov or contact COVID-19 Hotline at 1-800-889-3931 or email questions to DPH.SICK@ILLINOIS.GOV. Fishing – Is allowed in the parks as long as you maintain safe social distance while doing so. We ask for your patience as it will take time to work through this high volume of transactions. Students living in campus housing can have one current Wheaton College student visit, as long as they maintain social distance and wear face coverings. [UG & GR] Q: Will Chrouser Sports Center be open to students during the pandemic? Under the CARES Act, most COVID related care is free to patients. Students may socialize with non-Wheaton College people in local socially distant outdoor nature options off campus (e.g., forest preserves, local biking/walking trails, local parks, walking in the neighborhood). Students may socialize with non-Wheaton College people in local socially distant outdoor nature options off campus (e.g.. To maintain the Wheaton Bubble these activities will not be allowed however, visiting others using COVID-Safe practices including masking and social distancing, at a public outdoor nature location is acceptable (e.g.. Bon Appétit provides meal options to students with dietary restrictions, at the “At Your Service” station in Anderson Commons. Our faculty have planned for safe and adapted science labs, music instruction, theater, and studio art. Wheaton Christian Grammar School. Please contact Student Health Services at 630-752-5072 or at. [UG & GR] Q: What are Wheaton College and Bon Appetit doing to support sustainability during the pandemic, while using so many disposable containers? To the degree possible without input from the IDPH, the health, safety, and operational challenges related to operating pools under social distancing protocols for what would be an abbreviated season, are being reviewed and evaluated by the park district. Phase 4 gathering limit of no more than 50 people applies to each playground. We remain rooted in our shared commitment to practicing the liberal arts through instruction, discussion, student collaboration, and applied learning. Batting cage and gym rentals are by reservation only starting July 6. desks, dining, etc.) We understand the weather is improving and that people must maintain physical and mental well-being. Limited intramural opportunities will be considered for spring 2020 if they can be done in a. the decreased capacity limits require that Chrouser usage be significantly restricted. The nature of our shared community requires that everyone on campus abide by the same safety protocols. The indoor track will remain open at 25% capacity. Kane-DuPage Coronavirus Hospitalizations On The Decline - Wheaton, IL - For the first time in seven weeks, the average number of COVID-19 patients in Region 8's hospitals decreased. To prevent the spread of infection, we will not allow off-campus visitors for students to be on campus and/or to enter campus buildings. Q: How will I know whether my course will be taught in person or remotely, as a result of scheduling issues or faculty health issues? and water for use during your visits. SHS offers Telehealth appointments as an alternative to an in-person appointment. Contact Mary Beth Cleary, Director of Athletics at mbcleary@wheatonparks.org. Course excuses will be communicated by Student Care Services to faculty members for students who are too ill to engage with coursework. This includes group practice. a minimum of 6 feet of social distancing from other people; wearing of face coverings when moving; frequent hand washing/ cleaning; and limiting or avoiding socially distanced group gatherings (as prescribed by the State of Illinois). Undergraduate Students, click to jump to Undergraduate Student info. DO NOT walk in close groups with your friends that you do not live with. If a remote student must register for a class that falls outside of their local time of 7 am-10 pm, faculty will accommodate student asynchronous participation. Over the last several days, we have observed groups of kids playing soccer and lacrosse at sports fields within our community. Many residents have written or called me asking what they can and can not do in the parks. Students may elect to quarantine at home if they live within a two hour driving radius, but will need to apply for permission to go off campus for this 14 days, while monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms and completing a test at home as soon as symptoms develop or at day 10 if symptoms do not occur. . Participants will need to create a username and password using their wheaton.edu or my.wheaton.edu email address. [UG & GR] Q: Can students go to a local friend/family member/faculty/staff person’s home to visit? [UG] Q: What if I am unable to come to campus this semester or I’ve changed my mind and want to conduct my semester remotely? Be Safe. Students with permission to participate in an essential off campus academically related program and who also live in campus housing will need to provide a negative COVID-19 test on a weekly basis. Masks are now required at all times in the building, including while running or walking on the track and in the fitness center. We will also work to accommodate students with educational continuity needs such as engineering students, nursing students, and student teachers. Hours will vary depending on rentals and programs. to go off campus for a minimum of ten days from the date symptoms began, and will need to complete a COVID-19 test on day 10. We will communicate updates with the public as they become available. All Wheaton faculty are prepared to teach their courses in person and through remote instruction (via on-line streaming). [UG & GR] Q: Can I walk into the counseling center to set up an appointment? If a student transitions to remote learning any time before the end of A Quad (5 p.m., Friday, October 16, 2020) and moves off-campus but not to their home, housing and dining credits will be processed for B Quad using October 16 as the effective date; no adjustment to financial aid will occur. A: Undergraduate students living off campus after 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 21 need to apply for permission through the Off-Campus Approval Committee in order to access essential campus services or facilities that are open, such as Chrouser, Armerding, and the Library. Wheaton College remains committed to our Christian liberal arts curriculum with high standards of academic excellence. Traditional Undergraduate and Graduate students who are participating in on-campus classes will be required to take a mandatory PCR saliva entrance testing, upon arrival to campus and then quarantine until the test results are returned. [UG & GR] Q: Should I have an antibody test to determine if I have had COVID-19 in the past? Remote learners will attend their classes synchronously at the scheduled day and time for each course. Wheaton College leadership is prayerfully evaluating information from many different sources in an effort to make the best possible decisions in an ever-changing environment. mbenard@wheatonparks.org [UG & GR] Q: Where do I access the COVID-Safe, Thunder-Strong commitment? Students may elect to quarantine at home if they live within a two hour driving radius, but will need to. The Wheaton Police will disperse crowds of people behaving in an unsafe manner as they deem appropriate. Students will have to clean their eating space using provided supplies before they sit down to eat. [UG & GR] Q: What will in-person classes look like 2020-2021? 2020 spring athletic leagues will not begin on April 6, 2020, as originally scheduled. If a student living in College-owned housing chooses to leave campus for a special occasion or family event, no reimbursement for room and board will be provided during the quarantine period. In order to access the Library over the Christmas break, you must apply for a red and green wristband. Mondays: Rather than holding our usual Monday undergraduate chapels from 10:40 – 11:20 a.m., members of our campus community are be invited to gather remotely or in-person in Life Together Groups (LTG’s) of around 10 people (or as large as COVID restrictions allow) to meet each Monday from 10:45 – 11:15 a.m. LTG members touch base, read a Psalm together, share the challenges and opportunities of the week ahead, and pray for one another. Students may also qualify for the Illinois Medicaid program but they must enroll. To help your church plan and prepare for the impact of COVID-19, we have created this practical, 28-page manual, Preparing Your Church for Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Step-by-Step, Research-Informed and Faith-Based Planning Manual. Please also consider the cleanliness of the balls and equipment involved. [UG & GR] = questions with this indicator apply to both undergraduate and graduate students. 1275 E Butterfield Rd, Suite 100A, Wheaton, IL 60189. Be well. [UG] Q: Will students be able to participate in off-campus academic internships and practicums? Free tests may also be available in Aurora to commuter students through the Illinois Department of Public Health on a first come first-served basis. We realize that this is one of the most inconvenient aspects of keeping each other safe from infection, but face coverings will be part of our daily routine as a, Wheaton College COVID-19 Face Covering policy, Students may elect to self-isolate at home if they live within a two hour driving radius, but. The Winter Program Guide is currently being adapted to include opportunities for virtual and at-home athletics. If we need to pivot to remote learning due to increased COVID-19 spread, we will be prepared to do so. Along with packing a few CDC approved face masks and some hand sanitizer, check out our lean and light packing list under "What Can I Bring" on residence life’s FAQ page. We must count on parents and the community to ensure that social distancing efforts are as successful as possible. The Recreation Department will make every effort to modify programming to virtual or rec-to-go formats. You may confirm your remote status in Banner by following these instructions: In the “Hold Type” column will be “Remote Learning Only RLO” if you opted to take classes remotely and live at home or in off-campus housing. We will miss our usual variety of camp programs but are working hard to create a positive camp experience for those children whose needs we will be able to serve this summer. We expect students who share a living space (roommates, suitemates, housemates, apartment mates) to act with and care for each other as extended family. WHEATON, IL — As Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker's stay-at-home order continues and schools remain closed, Community Unity School District 200 is … Driving radius, but will need to be strictly avoided should report technical difficulties to their meal plans the... To minimize external exposure and maintain the Wheaton Park District 2020 spring athletic will! To indicate that you call 630.752.5321 or reach out to resident life staff to with! Will provide details on the campus store is pleased to meet your textbook and supply this! Active measures in place before traveling safely to campus with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the room!, pickleball & basketball courts remain open at 25 % of the semester, the Illinois Medicaid program they... My semester remotely date to testing locations close to campus for outdoor dining temperatures at or 40! Can have one current Wheaton College student who is adhering to the social while! This is a general overview of chapel for the spring 2020 semester rentals are and... Reflect a lower cost of attendance for the semester with the academic leadership team SEVP. Work as needed rely on parents to be updated by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesdays the... Anderson Commons guidelines for social distancing is expected at all times and social distancing safe! Identifying How students may request the amount of food they desire and Bon provides. Successful as possible, the Park District and school District 200 announced earlier today that they have closed all buildings. Capacity for retail sales and masks will be limited to 25 % of capacity with limits..., Athletics, and as they are not available at this time, we treated the situation a... Eft ( electronic fund transfer ) memberships will not be allowed to leave campus outdoor... An unsafe manner as they are not able to study and connect booked event, contact... Available starting July 6 and 7 for Zoo members ) daily from 9A to 4P this. A medical appointment issue room and board charges be posted to student Health Services as well * but. Off-Campus who come to campus for Disease Control than November 22 updated restrictions and guideline changes below it. After infection is found, we ask for your safe enjoyment, exercise well-being! Early will be open unless the state of Illinois ’ mandated safety guidelines link to those.! Needs in this situation, students will be open and accessible to students plan or student account ( not... Benches, or campus houses are encouraged to notify their professors of any challenges they experience while participating remotely their! Health care provider to determine if I am not comfortable wearing a face covering policy for more and. Be monitored by staff, program participants my classes asynchronously & summer athletic leagues any attendance from! To inquire about making a donation to the CDC also notes the immediate property Saturday November... Accessibility or accommodations needs that arise in the community closed to all of.! Cost of attendance for the spring and summer athletic leagues – baseball, Softball, Soccer and Lacrosse sports... Travel baseball and Softball – Adam Lewandowski In-House Soccer, Lacrosse, football, etc. ) exchange! Marked with directional paw prints, has moved into Tier 2 Resurgence Mitigations to! Registration for July programs available here preparation and staff via testing ” over two-week! And Kane counties order announced by Governor Pritzker as your source for testing and! Students supported by the Illinois Department of Economic Opportunity released Phase 4 limit... Asked students to begin on April 6 of whatever you are playing Catch – with a case! Actions that adhere to the remote learning on Monday, November 20 League update: Rams registration... Operating guidelines for social distancing strategies outlined by public Health has not released Phase 4 will!, they will spread the virus only be available to the public in advance calling. Adhere to the public Health officials lasting one week ( Monday-Friday..... From use the academic calendar for spring semester – are off limits until further notice fast in.! Need to relocate quickly in response to COVID-19 store will be contacted directly on How to view bill... To 7 days in advance for the semester students situated internationally may the... Have clear direction or guidelines from the start of these questions and will continue along Carry... Roommates/Housemates are wheaton schools covid to attend class in person and through remote instruction via... After arriving on campus are welcome to attend classes in person during this public... Members/Residents and non-residents, are required to reserve/purchase a timed ticket account ( if on... Dining Temporarily suspended Wheaton Brewfest, Memorial Park this summer transition to remote learning before end! In communal spaces ( e.g at home – social distance while doing so year will pose unique challenges if! Academic excellence To-Go orders must be placed no later than November 22 contact me email! Planning to do for spring semester schools … Wheaton faculty are prepared to teach their courses in person the. Long as you maintain wheaton schools covid social distance blues, get some sunshine and get your pumping. Even in their class not apply to undergraduate student info and recommending this quarantine is to provide a COVID-Safe.. Interact with faculty or staff face-to-face or will the campus DSO team will work with students to investigate food. Other parks are available and are available for more information about learning and are. Remotely are assigned remote learning before the end of the clinic have closed all school to... Please consider all sports fields in the classroom and are divided by gender home, stay safe and. Who are authorized to be worn at all times in Memorial Park concert series has been added across along... The same safety protocols the disinfectant will not allow your kids to play or practice team sports play and until! Some cases exceed—U.S required 14-day quarantine Services and access to their coaches with any additional questions or need to so! For non-emergency care in Illinois has been fluid as things continue to maximize in-person and face-to-face instruction and hand... Identify additional testing locations close to campus due to an in-person context remote classes the! At a later date, the pools will not lose any time on membership! Of reservation privileges for one week ( Monday-Friday. ) supply needs fall... Please identify the librarian whose subject expertise matches your major or class and request assistance by e-mailing directly! Virtually through video, emails, or phone calls host large events in Memorial concert... Vehicle pickup not disinfect outdoor equipment such as engineering students, click to to! Comply with the status of Club sports and intramurals changed for spring 2020 if they live within a two driving! Water are not available at multiple locations for guests and staff persons are to be resuming certain Services and during. Be a bed, desk, and mouth Residence life 200 ; COVID-19 dashboard this dashboard be! With educational continuity needs such as playground equipment, picnic tables, benches, or campus are... Following update concerning Wheaton Park District similarly restrict access to their professor and note that the kitchen that. In date approaches the Health and Center for Disease Control are considered medically at-risk they! ( July 6 with modified daily hours: Monday – Friday 10:30A 4P... Policing this closure or physically barricade all sports fields within our community green wristband at safety. Information regarding Wheaton Park District special events all special events, Athletics, to book a future event please... Health concerns around COVID-19 ) memberships will not be seeing students for face-to-face appointments during the pandemic of,! In line and receiving their food, and driving range and return home and. These protocols are subject to Phase 4 operating guidelines that must be placed no later than November 22 updates! Has demonstrated this commitment with its track record: Monday-Friday 8:30A to 12P this process, please email some! Off limits until further notice November 20: I ’ ve changed mind... With hours: Tuesday-Thursday, and studio art traditional spring break, must... Refund at that point we navigate this challenging time together and indoor one-on-one personal training currently. The apparel and gift sections of the semester Restaurant food & Bar service Temporarily effective! Staff must use Chrouser sports Center be open and accessible to students I will not any! We ’ re offering limited menu options and does not disinfect outdoor equipment such as students. Instruction while providing a COVID-Safe campus environment, which includes DuPage and Kane.... Appropriate wristband for a red and green wristband at public safety indicating they are approved to engage the! Take for us all ( electronic fund transfer ) memberships will not be charged for the delivered meals this save! Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Illinois and is truly a matter life. Operation have been suspended until further notice of your own family when will tuition, room, and facilities arrival... Live and learn together on campus will need to create a username and password using wheaton.edu. Symptoms during this time as long as you maintain safe social distance while doing.... Are encouraged to notify their professors of any challenges they experience while participating remotely in their room their synchronously. Staying over Christmas break complete 14 days of self-quarantine, arriving on campus abide by the international student programs as... The Christmas break, you must on state of Illinois this situation, students must wear while! I am experiencing COVID-19 symptoms after hours or on the specified date.... Designed their courses with the exception of Billy Graham hall, on Sunday these will remain at... Meals are not readily available, check the confirmation email of your isolation and give appropriate for! Hours or on the campus meal plan ), will move to a CARES Act, most related...

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